Acne Care SolutionFacial Serum


Product Detail

NEW! Clear Nose Acne Care Solution Facial Serum (100ml)

” Concentrated serum specially formulated for sensitive and acne-prone skin “

The first concentrated serum specially formulated for the acne-prone skin with Clear Nose acne skin balancing concept to boost, brighten and revive your skin to its healthiest conditions. For more than 2 years, Clear Nose has developed the VEA technology for this serum that gives the proper hydration and excellent balance for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Product Benefit :
1. Boost the fatigue acne skin to its healthiest level
2. Soothe and calm skin from redness and blemishes.
3. Reduce pimples. Prevent future breakouts.
4. Give the proper hydration and excellent balance.
5. Purify and tighten pores
5. Control facial excess oil
6. Perfect combination with anti-acne medications.

VEA Technology :
A gentle natural colorless substance that has potent anti-oxidative power, preventing skin from exhaustion, cell damage, aging, and inflammations. Protect you from UV rays and pollutions. Reveal your brighter, younger and stronger skin.

Recommendation : For all skin types