Acne Care SolutionBB SPF50/PA+++


Product Detail

NEW! Clear Nose Acne Care Solution BB (30g)

” The perfect combination of Makeup and Skin Care, cover and nourish skin at the same time. “

The new Acne BB cream for Natural Perfect Skin, It perfectly covers your acne and blemishes while nourishing your skin. Easy to blend, light touch, non-comedogenic, natural coverage and prevent new acne formation.
With technologies Clear Nose has studied for more than 2 years, we recommend you our BB cream perfect for acne prone and sensitive skin with the Anti-stress and skin relaxing properties. It also Includes antioxidants and a complex of nutrients, vitamins and collagen.
With Hybrid sunscreen technology. All-in-one protection. It protects your skin from sunlight, Pollution, UVA1, UVA2 and UVB With SPF50, PA+++. (for all skin types)

Product Benefit :
1. Natural coverage for acne skin, Perfectly cover redness, blemishes and uneven skin.
2. Natural Perfect Skin appearance
3. Decrease acne problems and prevent new acne formation. (Non-irritating)
4. The anti-stress and skin relaxing properties which alleviate the causes of acne, unhealthy sensitive skin and wrinkles.
5. Blur pores and excess facial oil control.
6. Gentle formula. No alcohol/ No paraben / No fragrance.
7. Combination of makeup and skin care (with nutrients, vitamins and collagen) Boosting your bright and healthy skin and Provides 24 hours of hydration
8. Easy to blend, non-comedogenic and light touch.
9. Hybrid sunscreen technology. All-in-one protection. Protect skin from UVA1, UVA2 and UVB. With SPF50, PA+++.
10. Anti-pollution formula.
11. Water-resistance
12. For all skin colors (Auto color adjustment).

3 Technologies for Clear Nose Acne BB
1. Anti-acne Complex : Cover acne and blemishes. 
Nourish skin and decrease acne problems. 
Non-comedogenic and prevent new acne formation.
2. Hybrid sunscreen : Reflect and absorb UV-rays being both Physical and Chemical sunscreen protecting your skin from all UVA-1, UVA-2, and UVB with SPF50 PA+++(Water resistant)
3. Anti-stress and Skin Relaxing : Relieve skin from oxidative stress which can cause acne, wrinkles and unhealthy sensitive skin problems. Anti-oxidants. Anti-pollutions.

Recommendation : For all skin types