Acne Care SolutionCleanser


Product Detail

NEW! Clear Nose Acne Care Solution Cleanser (150 ML)

” New Gentle Facial Cleansing Gel for sensitive and acne-prone skin ”

[ Get your skin more ready for the next step of nourishment with MPSE™ Technology ]

Product Benefit :
1. Deep cleaning and oil control without over-drying
2. Keep the natural balance of healthy skin suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin restoration
3. Highly gentle formula
4. Soothe and calm skin from irritation, redness and blemishes.
Brighten skin. Purify and tighten pores
5. Reduce blackheads. Subside pimples. Prevent future breakouts
6. Increase efficacy when used with anti-acne medications
7. Sunscreen cleaning applicable

7 FREE Gentle Formula :
Fragrance Free
Oil Free
Paraben Free
Artificial Color Free
Soap Free
Alcohol Free
SLS Free

• For all skin types