Aloe Vera SoothingBright Gel


Product Detail

NEW! Aloe Vera Soothing Bright Gel (400ml)

“A gentle and easily-absorbed aloe complex gel that soothes skin from visible signs of discomfort and dryness. ”
(Gentle formula for all skin types)

Aloe Vera, Cica, Tea Tree, Calendula and Niacinamide are infused to deliver the immediate
calming effects and reveal brighter skin. This lightweight gel creates a reviving layer that constantly
hydrates, nourishes and wakes up your skin barriers.

Product Benefit :
1. Soothe, calm and hydrate skin
2. Reveal brighter and smoother skin
3. Help decrease acne problems
4. Potent antioxidants for healthier skin
5. Dark spots, blemishes and dullness
6. Reduce the appearance of pores and irritations.
7. Smoothen and even skin texture and tone.
For all skin types (sensitive and acne prone skin)

Recommendation : For all skin types