Blackhead Remover SolutionClear Nose Men


Product Detail

Clear Nose Men (Men best choice)

3 easy steps to remove dirt and blackheads.
1. Pore-smooth Magic Water (20 ml)
2. Blackhead Power Mask (15 ml)
3. Black Cotton Peel – Off Sheet (8 pcs)

*Japanese premium charcoal is majority in clearing out blackheads and skin impurities

How to use : 
Step 1 : Cleanse skin: apply the “Pore-Smooth Magic Water” on the nose area.
              Leave it for 1-2 minutes or until the blackhead is clearly visible.
Step 2 : Apply a proper layer of “Blackhead Power Mask” on the nose area.
Step 3 : Wash and dry your hands. Place the “Black Cotton Peel Off Sheet” onto the applied
             area. Lightly pressure it from the top part of the nose downward. Leave for
             15-20 minutes or until it is completely dry. Remove it by pulling up from each side of
             your nose slowly.
After removing it, all your blackhead and dirt will be totally removed.
*Use 2 times per week to keep pores and skin remaining clean and healthy.

• 15 International Beauty Awards
• Use it 2 times a week
• For all skin types