Vitamin C ConcentrateSuper Serum


Product Detail

NEW! Clear Nose Vitamin C Concentrate Super Serum (120ml)

” Concentrated Vitamin C Super Serum contains the powerful combination. ”
(5-type vitamin C, E, Ferulic, and 3 kinds of orange extracts)

that enhances one another to brighten dull skin, visibly reduce fine lines. It gently evens skin tone and texture. This lightweight Vitamin C Serum deeply nourishes skin to reduce the appearance of pores and reveal glowing skin clarity without dryness

Product Benefit :
1. Brightening skin
2. Reduce Darkspot
3. Reduce Wrinkles

SMM Technology :
With Smart Microsphere Technology, it stabilizes the efficacy of Vitamin C and other ingredients to precisely target your skin problems..

Recommendation : For all skin types