White BodyDerma Serum


Product Detail

NEW! Clear Nose White Body Derma Serum (250ml)

” The lightweight, fast-absorbing, and concentrated White Body Derma Serum visibly brightens your skin within 7 days. ”

Help reduce dullness, uneven texture, and dark spots. Reveal a softer, smoother, and more even skin tone. With 7X White Plus Technology*, Squalane and 3 types of Ceramide, this serum can create invisible whitening films to lighten up and deeply nourish your skin. Experience a more glowing body radiance.

Product Benefit :
1. Brightening Sesum
2. Whitening
3. Lightweighted
4. Fast Absorbing Formula
5. Dull & uneven skin formula

*7X White Plus Technology :
Formulated to visibly brighten and lighten up your skin. Quickly reduce dullness and dark spots.

Recommendation : For all skin types